By: anninoz - 16-Dec-2008

this is one of the best games to help kids with their maths & to just play with. the new updated version is really good scrolls automatically to the next question .... random colour rotation .... great new rewards.I had some questions about the different versions & my queries were answered by email very quickly. I also purchased the word magic game it is so good .... the graphics are great kids will love them .... the little daughters voice is a perfect touch for little ones to hear. happy ann

Very, Very Nice and well worth it!  

By: JSWSN - Sep 27, 2008
Version: 1.0 fourstars

I downloaded this for my daughter and at first she was a bit shy to try it. Now she won't give it back to me so I can make phone calls. Funny!!! Nice graphics and the kids and star rewards make her smile. Thank you!

Math Magic

Your child can get a big jump on learning arithmetic while loving every second of that education. Math Magic teaches in a way that is encouraging and tons of fun for your little one.

Math Magic uses a combination of your choice of vibrant colours, simple interface and a reward system of stars to encourage and teach kids between the ages of 3 and 8. It’s really easy to use. The child simply has to tap on an answer to solve the problem. Whether they get the answer right or not, a real voice expresses appreciation for the child choosing a response.

Once the correct answer has been achieved, just shake your iPhone or iPod Touch and a new math problem will appear. Five successful answers results in a colored star as a reward.

Math Magic lets you adjust the levels to customize them for your child. Set the maximum numbers to 5, 10 or 20. You can also set the timer to see how many problems can be solved within a specific time frame.

Kids love the Math Magic app because it’s fun. Parents love it because it helps their child get a good start in math and provides constructive use of time during car trips or waiting for food or an appointment.

Much research has gone into the development of Math Magic and it has the seal of approval from the kids involved in the focus groups. Why? Because this app has everything that appeals to a young child’s learning mind.

- Very simple design. 
- Vibrant colors
- Surprises and rewards
- Positive reinforcement
- Easy customization.

Want to hear your child ask you for more math work to do? Great, then you’ll get your Math Magic now. It’s that easy.