Good Tamil Apps () by Venkataanand, Aug 13, 2010

I bought this app and was very helpful to train my son in Tamil alphabets. It is very handy to use when going for a long drive. I was able to train and re –train him quickly, I strongly recommend this App.

Great App () by Ananth and Aum, Aug 17 , 2010.

This is a great app. My kid enjoyed using this and it helped him reinforce his pronounciation and alphabet recognition skills.

Tamil Flash cards

Parents, Wondering are there any easy way to help kids learn Tamil! ?

Tamil flash cards comes handy for our children to learn the letters, vowels and consonants easily.

It is a simple way of combining audio and letter 's to make it easy for the kids to remember the words. They also learn how to say each letter.

Tapping on the letter will pronounce it. The voices are from real kids . Kids get encouraged by this and it makes learning fun for them.


- Very simple layout
- Kids can hear sounds of each vowel and consonants
- Voice over by kid
- Very vibrant colors
- Kids can flip through each screen.


New Features:

- Animation of bird dropping letters.

- Animation of Kid dropping letters at flight.

- Lessons( Payirchi) sheet

- More fun features to keep kids interested.


This app has also been tested in class with 15 students learning Tamil. It was a great hit amongst kids and they loved learning Tamil