Welcome to Anusen. We are an edutainment company focusing on kids educational apps. We  develop applications on many different platforms, and have created applications such as Word Magic, Math Magic, Math series etc. Take a look below at some of the apps we have designed and developed or send us an email at: support@anusen.com

Math Magic

teaches arithmetic in a way that is tons of fun for your kid.

Match Magic

wonderful app to learn colors, shapes and numbers.

Word Magic

is an excellent app to learn words and their spellings.

Math Series

great app to learn math series and number magic.

Sight Words

very ideal for kids between the ages 3 to 8.

Count Magic

will encourage your little ones as a game and also as an educational tool.

Think Big

challenges kids to spot the biggest and smallest numbers


employs a simple way of combining audio and pictures to make it easy for the kids to remember the words


comes handy for our children to learn the letters, vowels and consonants easily

Memory Magic

helps your child increase their memory skills

Math Magic - iPhone app shown by a 5 year old kid Match Magic - iPhone apps for kids Word Magic - iphone apps for kids