MemMagic is really helpful in learning how to improve your memory. The fact that it increases difficulty slowly is really beneficial, and I really like all of the different characters. It is extremely simple to use, and there is no way you can confuse it! Love the app!

"Great stuff. Get's difficult progressively. Motivational!"

Memory Magic

Memory Magic is a fun little game to enhance observation, focus and memory. Themed with Circus, Kids are presented with multiple objects. After a short time one object disappears.

Kids need to find out which object was missing. As the level increases, number of objects increases.

There are several levels. During the initial level, kids are shown 3 different objects. After 8 seconds, one of the object will be removed from the scene and kids need to identify the missing objects. After getting the correct answers after 3 times, the complexity of the game increases, for every successful 3 answers. More objects will be shown and kids need to guess the missing ones.